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Purple LED Rope Light 3/8" - 150FT Roll

Purple LED Rope Light 3/8" - 150FT Roll

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Enhance your space with the captivating glow of our Purple LED Rope Lights. These flexible lights come in a 150FT roll, allowing you to easily create stunning displays and accents. The vibrant purple color adds a touch of elegance and allure to any setting, making it perfect for parties, events, or everyday decor. With their energy-efficient LED technology, these rope lights offer long-lasting illumination while consuming less power. 

Additional Info: The rope light only consumes 0.87 watts per foot and you can run the entire 150' spool on one standard plug. Unlike incandescent rope light, LED rope light also produces very little heat so it is very safe for decorating your business, restaurant or bar. It can be cut in 2.75ft increments on the indicated cut marks to create additional lengths.
Product Details
  • For Indoor/Outdoor use- for Outdoor Backyards, Patio, Pathways, Landscape, illuminate deck stairs, Crown Molding, Bedroom, Boat, RV, Camping, Weddings, Christmas lights decorations, Seasonal Decor lighting etc.
  • Grade: Commercial
  • Design: 150FT Roll - Purple LED Rope Light 3/8"
  • Case weight: 11.596 lb
  • Case dimensions: 32 in x 13 in x 32 in
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